International Journal of Human Sciences

ISSN (Print): 1857-8535
ISSN (Online): 2671-3012
UDC: 81/ 82
Publisher: Faculty of Philology, Tetova, Republic of North Macedonia
Year of first issue: 2014
Annual issues of the journal: 2 (two)

  • “Filologjia” (Philology) is the preeminent journal published by the Faculty of Philology at the University of Tetova. The journal is published with the aim of disseminating philological knowledge and raising awareness of current issues in the field of philology by showcasing current scientific discussion and debate. The journal proudly highlights the scientific achievements of our faculties of science, and also showcases the outputs and practices rendered from University of Tetova’s annual International Scientific Conference, which has grown year on year to become an integral part of the U.T.’s academic portfolio. The journal features research and studies from scholars from Macedonia and abroad which, through theoretical and practical application, comprehensively analyze and discuss language and literature both as academic subjects unto themselves, and as a reflection of the complex history and culture of not only the Albanian people, but also of other peoples in the Balkans. The content of the journal is especially enriched by topics that deal with the preservation and enrichment of, as well as the cleansing and correct spelling of the language – topics that have attracted the interest of readers for ages. The “Filologjia” (Philology) journal is open to all scholars and researchers in the field of Albanology and welcomes cooperation with all academics who wish to discuss pertinent issues in philological disciplines. While the aim of this journal is not to resolve philological issues and problems, we believe that it will serve as a platform for discussion and debate that will augment research endeavors in the aforementioned fields. As this journal incorporates a pan-national and international approach, emphasis is placed on scientific research and collaboration with scholars from sister institutions from within the country and abroad. The main goal is to establish in researchers and readers a correct and practical approach to philological values in general and in particular, national values of the Albanian language. It also aims to help develop clear and modern ideas about the values of foreign languages, particularly the values of the standard Albanian language for this and future generations. We believe that the “Filologjia” (Philology) journal will play an integral role in affirming scientific values in the field of philology and serve as a measure of scientific results achieved in the field of foreign languages. We hope that upcoming journal issues will continue to improve in quality and serve as a forum in which scholars and researchers may share their work and build further capacity in the field of philology.