International Journal of Legal Sciences

ISSN (Print): 1857-8454
ISSN (Online): 2545-4927
UDC: 34
Publisher: Faculty of Law, Tetova, Republic of North Macedonia
E-mail:  rms@unite.edu.mk
Year of first issue: 2014
Annual issues of the journal: 2 (two)

  • "JUSTICIA" – International Journal of Legal Sciences is a journal that was first published by the Faculty of Law at University of Tetova in 2013 JUSTICIA was established with the goal of providing a forum in which students, scholars, and professionals in the field of law can express their views and share their findings and experience. The journal welcomes all submissions for publication in future issues. In today’s increasingly globalized environment it is vital that academics and professionals from all disciplines understand how the institution of law not only impacts society as whole, but also affects the daily lives of individual citizens, for whom knowledge of law has elevated from being a matter of passing interest to a requisite level of aptitude. It is in this spirt that JUSTICIA provides an unbiased environment in which students, scholars and experts alike may express their views accordingly. JUSTICIA invites students, teachers, and scholars to submit their work on contemporary issues and current trends in law, including articles, short notes, book reviews, case commentaries and original academic papers, for publication in future issues. We thank all those who have supported and contributed to the publication of this journal, including the members of the Editorial Board, and a special thank you to the esteemed members who have agreed to serve on the Scientific Board of the Journal.