Journal of Educational Research

ISSN (Print): 2671-3268
ISSN (Online): 2671 - 3276
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Publisher: Faculty of Pedagogy, Tetova, Republic of North Macedonia
Year of first issue: 2018
Annual issues of the journal: 2 (two)

  • Journal of Educational Research, is an international scientific journal that provides theoretical, empirical scientific materials that will help teachers, students, scientists parents, heads of educational institutions, to address and research various issues of education, teaching, learning, problems and various difficulties during the educational work. This journal aims to provide the adequate professional knowledge and skills for the school's pedagogical-educational staff, parents, students, teachers, to stimulate the students for active learning not only at school but also outside of it, thus linking the process of learning not only to the students’ interests, but also to the interests and needs of the society as well. The content and experiences presented in this journal will be part of the awareness and professional and intellectual upgrading of the pedagogues and other profiles, who deal with the process of education and learning. The journal addresses current issues of education of the younger generations, of reforming and further changing the school and educational system, of the content of education, of the forms and methods of teaching, of education and treatment of children with disabilities, children with learning difficulties, of the treatment of permanent education, of adult education, of the democratization of education and school, of assessment, of the grading of students’ achievements, etc. It publishes experimental study materials of theoretical and empirical character as well as of school history and pedagogical thought. The journal addresses the lecturers, educational and learning researchers, teachers and others who contribute to enhancing the quality of education and its value. We hope that the papers published in this journal will help researchers, lecturers, students, teachers and others. All articles must be in their original form and must not be previously published elsewhere in any form or language. We thank all authors for their works, reviewers and organizers for their contribution.