International Journal of Food Technology and Nutrition

ISSN (Print): 2671-3063
ISSN (Online): 2671-3071
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Publisher: Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition, Tetova, Republic of North Macedonia
E-mail:  rms@unite.edu.mk
Year of first issue: 2018
Annual issues of the journal: 2 (two)

  • International Journal of Food Technology & Nutrition is a scientific, peer reviewed, international journal that provides rapid publication of articles in all areas of food technology and nutrition. The scope of this journal is to provide a platform for scientists and academicians worldwide to promote, share and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of food and nutrition. The Journal will consider submissions of quality papers describing the results of fundamental and applied research related to all fields of food technology and nutrition. Knowledge of food technology is critical to the development and growth of major aspects of food science, including production, processing, preservation, distribution, safety, engineering, technology and nutrition. Each of these areas is a vital component not only in the production of commercialized food, but also in bringing added value to it. Putting this science into practice also requires an understanding of broader issues, such as national and global regulations concerning the identity, manufacture, and transport of foods. All food-processing technologies involve a combination of procedures designed to achieve the desired conversion of raw materials. These are conveniently categorised as unit operations, each of which has a specific, identifiable and predictable effect on a food. Unit operations are grouped together to form a process. The combination and sequence of operations determines the nature of the final product. A comprehensive understanding and appreciation of food technology also offers insights into consumer perspectives and preferences regarding issues such as genetically modified foods, nanomaterials in foods, functional foods, nutraceuticals, and food safety. The successful application of this knowledge is essential in promoting health and wellness through food and nutrition. While traditional food technology deals with major macronutrients and micronutrients, this journal addresses the modern application of phytochemicals from plant foods and herbal medicines to functional foods and dietary supplements. By applying this understanding of the interaction between genetics, nutrition, and lifestyle, there is tremendous potential to develop new food products, which will optimize health based on an individual’s unique nutritional needs. This emerging field of food technology, which includes the use of microarray data, is starting to be utilized by government regulatory agencies to combat malnutrition, reduce incidents of food-borne illness, and ensure overall food safety. International Journal of Food Technology & Nutrition is looking to publish original research findings, breakthrough technology development, as well as innovative and practical applications in food and nutrition that will advance the understanding of human food intake, metabolism, and health. It seeks to publish papers that employ integrated approaches from multidisciplinary sciences including, but not limited to, food and nutrition sciences, food technology, engineering, biomedical and medical sciences, chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry, agricultural and social sciences. Of particular interest are new research approaches, technologies, and applications in food development, processing, preservation, storage, distribution, waste management, consumer food intake and acceptance, food regulation and metabolism and food and dietary impact on human health and behaviour.