International Journal of Social and Human Sciences

ISSN (Print): 1857-9272
ISSN (Online): 2671-3020
UDC: 1
Publisher: Faculty of Philosophy, Tetova, Republic of North Macedonia
Year of first issue: 2014
Annual issues of the journal: 2 (two)

  • The model of the scientific approach must, by definition, include the principles of objectivity, reliability, innovation and originality. These principles are the foundation of all research, publications, and pursuits in the scientific and academic communities. The journal “Philosophica” is not only an embodiment of these principles, but it also serves as an advocate and forum for their inclusion in the fields of academics and science. “Philosophica” is a periodic scientific journal published by the University of Tetova’s Faculty of Philosophy. It provides a space in which researchers in the field of social science may publish their work. The quality and reputation of universities, faculties and scientific institutes are largely defined by the scope and impact of their research and publications. “Philosophica” will reflect the scientific activity and achievements of not only the Faculty of Philosophy, but also that of researchers and institutions within The Balkans and beyond. The journal has an international scientific board which includes eminent professors who are active throughout the global scientific and academic communities, as well as a professional editing board which evaluates and classifies the papers to be published. These two bodies will ensure that all materials published reflect the principles and values that are the foundation of all scientific endeavors. By traversing conventional institutional boundaries, this publication will serve as a bridge between a wide array of institutions, linking experiences and knowledge that share common scientific and cultural values. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a pillar in the promotion of scientific work, and we firmly believe that “Philosophica” is an integral tool to that end.