International Journal of Sciences, Environment and Technology

ISSN (Print): 2545-4595
ISSN (Online): 2671-3977
UDC: 502 / 504 57 / 59 63
Publisher: Institute of Ecology and Technology, Tetova, Republic of North Macedonia
Year of first issue: 2017
Annual issues of the journal: 2 (two)

  • ECOTEC is a scientific journal which enables researchers publish their papers of various research fields. The intertwining of study fields is a very well-known fact already, thus our journal created a disseminating opportunity of research related to sciences, environment and technology. The main goals of this Journal are to, first, publish remarkable and unique research works which are in line with the interests of our community and wider, and second, to disseminate the articles, for teaching and reference purposes, especially for researchers and teachers in developing countries. With an aim to disseminate knowledge, findings and recommendations in the field, ECOTEC also aims to become a communication channel between academic and research experts, policymakers and industrial, trade and investment institution executives. ECOTEC is an annual peer reviewed journal and accepts high quality articles. It is available to all researchers interested in publishing their papers related to the given study fields. The language of the journal is English and we welcome submissions focusing on theories, methods and applications in all areas of scientific research. Applicants are allowed submit their article reviews which are later reviewed by our editorial board. Our mission is to provide greater and faster flow of the newest scientific findings. The purpose of ECOTEC journal is to become the bridge among researchers around the world. ECOTEC encourages regional and international cooperation of researchers to help bring different viewpoints on similar issues at the same place. Right of use: The entire text of the publications published on the website, can be used free for personal or educational purpose, with regard for the copyrights of the authors and the publishers. The scholars and the students who use the electronic text shall specifically indicate in their papers the origin of the bibliographic datum from the journal issue.