International Journal of Sport Sciences and Health

ISSN (Print): 1857-9310
ISSN (Online): 2545-4978
UDC: 796 - 613.7
Publisher: Faculty of Physical Education, Tetova, Republic of North Macedonia
Year of first issue: 2014
Annual issues of the journal: 2 (two)

  • Journal of Sport and Health is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal dedicated to the advancement of study and research in sports, exercise and health sciences. Journal of Sport and Health publishes original research, scholarly reviews, opinion papers, research highlights, commentaries on exercise, sports science, physical education and sport coaching, health promotion, and sports medicine. The aim is to build an effective communication platform in which international researchers can share academic findings and achievements. Under the purview of our distinguished editorial board, Journal of Sport and Health is committed to the highest academic standards, integrity, and excellence by publishing outstanding scholarly work in the subdisciplines of sports, exercise and health science. Recent studies have yielded a better understanding of the morphological characteristics and motor skills of school children. As physical education teachers, pediatricians, traumatologists, educationalists, psychologists and other experts in the anthropological sciences mitigate the challenges of these new findings, it is clear that further professional and scientific study is required to accurately measure and monitor the ramifications of these studies as they pertain to physical education and health instruction, both in the national education system and in organized sports. These indicators will yield additional observations and further our knowledge in the fields of sports and health, which will, in turn, have a profound impact on the direction of health, education and the development of physical education and health programs for future generations. We hope that the papers published in this issue, as well as those published in future issues, will be useful to sports professionals, trainers, students, doctors, pedagogues, physiotherapists, etc. We continue to welcome all academic submissions pertinent to the fields of health, sports, and athletics, as well as feedback, critiques, and new ideas that augment the quality of this publication. We thank all the authors and editors of these papers, as well as the organizers of publication for their contribution. As always, we remain open to partnership and collaboration with all interested researchers and institutions.