Journal of Agriculture and Sustainable Rural Development

ISSN (Print): 2955-2257
ISSN (Online): 2955-2265
UDC: -
Publisher: Faculty of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Tetova, Republic of North Macedonia
E-mail:  rms@unite.edu.mk
Year of first issue: 2023
Annual issues of the journal: 2 (two)

  • The Journal of Agriculture and Sustainable Rural Development (JSARD) is an International Journal designed to provide information in the areas of Agriculture and Sustainable Rural Development. The main aim is to disseminate information resulting from the research experience of Scientists working in: Agricultural and Aquacultural Systems, Agrobiodiversity, Agroecology, Alternative Farming/Alternative Agriculture, Animal Breeding and Genetics, Animal Health and Welfare, Best Management Practices, Biodiversity, Biodynamics Agriculture, Biodynamic Farming, Biointensive Gardening/Mini-farming, Biointensive Integrated Pest Management, Biological Control, Bio-control, Biological Farming, Ecological Farming, Biotechnology, Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, Community Supported Agriculture, Conservation Buffer Strips, Designing Adaptive, Productive, and/or Diversified Multi-service Farming Systems, Emerging challenges in Farming Systems, Environmental Indicators, Farm-household Systems, Farming Systems Design and Lessons from Implementation in Practice, Farming Systems Knowledge and Information Systems, Farmland Preservation/Protection, Food Circle, Good Agricultural Practices, Grass Farming/ Grass-based Farming, Holistic Management, Integrated Farming Systems Integrated Food and Farming Systems, Integrated Pest Management, Integrating Soil, Water, and Air Quality with Agricultural Sustainability, Intensive,Controlled Grazing Systems, Local,Community Food System, Methods for Scaling up from Farm to Territorial and Global Analysis, Natural Farming, Natural, Social, and Artificial Systems, Nature Farming, Novel Methods to Analyze or Design Farming Systems, Nutrient Management, Organic Farming, Permaculture, Pesticides: Uses and Misuses, Precision Farming/Agriculture, Productive Feeding through Innovation and Technology, Productive Genetic Management, Productivity through Technology and Innovation, Quantitative Analysis and Comparison of Farming Systems Structures and Fuctions, Regenerative Agriculture, Scaling out: Design, Testing and Adaptative Management with Stakeholders, Supporting Policy Decisions with Farming System Trade-off and Scenario Analysis, Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program, Sustainable Development, The Future of Dairy and Farming, Totally Automated Farming Systems, Veterinary Science and Medicine, Water Use and Contamination, Whole Farm Planning, Types of Agri Business, Marketing, Distribution and Retailing, Agricultural Finance, Insurance, and Risk Management, Agribusiness Education, Innovations in Agribusiness, Supply Chains in Agribusiness, Rural Development, Rural tourism, Agrotourism.